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    Benedict Holme - Basil Faulty - Interactive Theatre International

    Benedict has been acting professionally for ten years. On screen he has performed small roles in big films and big roles in small films, as well as appearing in several commercials for such companies as Apple and the World Wildlife Fund.  Stage appearances include the Kenny Wax Ltd touring production of "Marrying the Mistress", and a one-man show, based on the life and works of composer Peter Warlock.

    Benedict is also a passionate historian, having appeared as a consultant for History Channel's "Titanic: Beyond The Curse".

    He is delighted to be part of the team, and to be given the opportunity to portray his favourite comedy hero, the cantankerous Basil Fawlty in Faulty Towers the Dining Experience.

    Benedict joined the company in 2013 and has performed the show in Australia, Canada, throughout the UK, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014, at the company's London West End residency, and in the company's debut performance in New York in 2015.

    Personal reviews:
    "A spot-on impersonation of John Cleese as the inhospitable Basil Fawlty"
    The Globe and Mail (Toronto 2015)
    * * * * *

    "Fans of the classic show, created by Monty Python alumnus John Cleese and his then-wife Connie Booth, will love the spot-on characterizations by the UK-based cast. Benedict Holme has John Cleese's rubbery physicality down pat as Basil."
    Toronto Sun (Toronto 2015)
    * * * * *

    "Holme has perfected the dry, sarcastic wit and begrudging smile that Cleese's Basil made famous"
    Theatromania (Toronto 2015)
    * * * * *

    "Benedict Holme has mastery over Basil's stick-insect physicality, all elbows and eyebrows"
    Mooney On Theatre (Toronto 2015)
    * * * * *

    "Benedict Holme has perfected Basil’s intonations and mannerisms down to a pin."
    Broadway Baby (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014)
    * * * * *

    "Benedict Holme was particularly impressive as the often angry and always frustrated Basil Fawlty."
    Edinburgh Festivals Magazine(Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014)
    * * * * *

    "Holme was equally as masterful as Basil; managing to pull off such remarkable likeness with his gangly body movements and malleable facial expressions (be it pain or irate distaste) that showed his aptitude for physical interpretation outside of the lines and also how to use words and actions in building up a moment."
    Theatre People (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014)
    * * * * *

    "What I found truly impressive about Basil Fawlty (Benedict Holme), apart from the dead-ringer voice, was Holmes excellent reproduction of John Cleeses physicality. From the impressive floor aerobatics to the bulging eyes, Holme emulates the classic actor wonderfully."
    The Heckler (Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014)
    * * * * *


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