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    Jordan Edmeades - Interactive Theatre International

    Jordan is a professional actor and theatre producer from Melbourne with experience in stage, screen and applied theatre.  He holds a Bachelor of Theatre and a Masters degree in Applied Theatre Studies and works on a number of international performance projects.

    In 'Faulty Towers The Dining Experience',Jordan performs as Basil Faulty and has toured extensively with the show. He has received critical acclaim for his work at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and, most recently, at the Edinburgh Fringe. He has performed in South Africa and toured extensively throughout Europe and Scandinavia. A highlight of his time with the company was being cast in the show's opening season in London's West End in October 2012 – where he won rave reviews.

    Jordan's website: jordanedmeades.weebly.com

    Personal reviews:

    "Jordan Edmeades was particularly impressive as John Cleese's iconic disgruntled hotel owner. His expressions and physicality, bulging eyes and hasty darts, are impeccable; the infamous Cleese walk is faultless."

    Rohanne Udall, Broadway Baby (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012)

    * * * *

    "Special mention must be made of Jordan Edmeades' Basil, as his gangly, inept, short-tempered and despot delivered so much even when saying nothing."

    Victoria Nangle, Latest 7 Online Magazine (Brighton Festival Fringe 2011)

    "Jordan as Basil could very well BE the fantastic, and very British, actor John Cleese with a masterful performance, imitating Cleese's vocal tone and voice along with the delivery of his manic and blunt Basil Fawlty characteristics. A five star performance in itself."

    Richard Staplehurst, FringeReview (Brighton Festival Fringe 2011)

    * * * * *

    "Edmeades' portrayal of Basil Faulty was simply outstanding."

    Corinna De Niro, FringeReview (Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011)

    * * * * *

    "Jordan Edmeades could easily have been one of John Cleese's offspring, so well was he made for the role of Basil."

    RHUM (Australia 2010)

    * * * * ½

    "This is a 5 star show, with a 5 star cast who are stunning to watch and I found myself at times sitting back in awe at how they performed."

    The New Current (Brighton, UK)

    * * * * *


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