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    Karen Hamilton - Sybil Faulty - Interactive Theatre International

    Karen has appeared in film and TV (Medivac, Home & Away, Water Rats, Neighbours) as both actor and stunt performer, and has has appeared in TV commercials and training videos. She has also been a radio announcer, and a voice-over character artist for TV, radio and various other independent sources. As well as having a BA in Fine Arts, Karen is a trained dancer and stunt performer. Karen has been a member of the company since 2000.

    Karen plays Sybil Faulty in Interactive Theatre International's 'Faulty Towers the Dining Experience', and has toured with the show extensively, always winning five-star reviews. She has performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines and India; and at all the major arts festivals: Fringe World Perth, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brighton Festival Fringe and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    Personal reviews:

    "Sybil (Karen Hamilton) wants to know why we have not been seated yet ... And then she laughs.  The most Sybil-sounding laugh I've ever heard from anyone other than Prunella Scales."

    Eva Sless, What's On Comedy (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013)

    "Karen Hamilton has Sybil Fawlty's snorting laugh and squealing 'Basil!' down to a tee and looks for all the world like Prunella in the flesh."

    Deborah Stone, Arts Hub (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013)

    "... but it was Karen Hamilton's perfect incarnation of Sybil that stole the show, with that impeccable shrill laugh.  She showed quick wit with the hecklers too: "You're a natural blonde, aren't you?""

    David Owens, South Wales Echo (Wales Millenium Centre 2012)


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