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    Rob Langston - Interactive Theatre International

    Rob is a London based actor, who since gratuating from Drama Studio London in 2011 has been involved in several exciting theatre projects. These include the renowned childrens theatre company, Soren Bennick's, 'Power of One' schools tour, the hit London site specific theatre production 'You me Bum Bum train' and the Ibsen Theatre company's 'Peer Gynt' at the Riverside studios in London.

    Rob has been a massive fan of British comedy from a young age and also writes comedy himself, co-writing and co-performing in the comedy podcast 'Jim and Rob's podcast rambles'.

    Rob plays Basil Faulty in Interative Theatre International's Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, and has toured with the show throughout the UK, Belgium, South Africa and Thailand. Rob has appeared with the show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    Personal reviews:

    "Basil, played by Rob Langston, oscillates between stooping and looming, welcoming guests with his acerbic wit ... so spot on [that] after a while you forget it's not actually John Cleese pivoting between the tables."
    Terri Dunbar-Curran, Cape Times (FNB Variété Festival, Cape Town, South Africa 2012)

    "Rob Langston had the exaggerated body language of Basil down to a tee - John Cleese could have been in the room."
    David Owens, South Wales Echo (Wales Millenium Centre 2012)


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