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    ... so you've made your booking to see the show, now let us know if you have any special requests: diets, occasions or seating arrangements. Simply fill in the form below, and hit submit. Our team will do the rest.

    Booking name information:
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    Venue and show information:
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    Special requests:
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    (if a very specific diet, please list foods that you do NOT want included in your meal)

    Special occasion
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    When you've completed the form please copy the four verification image numbers into the box (without spaces) then click the 'submit' button below to send us your enquiry via e-mail (if you can't read the image press refresh).

    Please type the four numbers from the image:
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    This is the official site for "Faulty Towers The Dining Experience", the five star, award-winning international touring show.

    All our shows are listed HERE. Beware of imitations! If it's not listed here then it's not us.


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